Although the British Royal family is now much more flexible than its predecessors, there are many everyday things that Queen Elizabeth II never did in her lifetime.

Queen Elizabeth II was raised in a strict environment. Hence, the Queen never did the things that people used to do. At least,

there are 15 things that Queen Elizabeth II has never done, as quoted from Reader's Digest.

1. Queen Elizabeth II has never contested an election

2. The queen never went to school. But apart from that, Queen Elizabeth II is a highly educated person. l

3. Queen Elizabeth II has never had a social media account

4. Make SIM

But he never took the driving test.

5. Queen Elizabeth never worked in an office because every day she carried out the big task of being Queen of England until her death.

6. The Queen never dated. Queen Elizabeth II was lucky enough to have met Prince Philip in person since they were children.

7. Queen Elizabeth II never takes selfies

8. Her Majesty the Queen never goes grocery shopping

10. Even though she is known to love her dogs, the Queen never gives food to her pets.

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