The DC Universe is a comics universe that DC has built over the years from various interesting elements. The main focus is indeed on action scenes,

but there are a number of other elements that determine the storyline until now. Where the various elements are sometimes not in harmony with each other and even leave a fairly large mystery gap.

Fans do have their own assumptions about the mystery. Likewise the DC writers who had tried to mention it several times.

However, officially, these mysteries are still unsolved until now!

1. Joker's Real Identity

When it comes to mysteries in the DC Universe Not a few fans are curious about the Joker's real identity. This can happen, 

2. Morpheus' Distraction 

Dream alias Sandman is actually one of the interesting characters in the DC Universe who first appeared in the story of The Sandman in 1989.

3. The Beginning of the DC Universe

The beginning of the universe is not only a mystery in the comic world, but also in the real world. However, when discussing the DC Universe,,

4. Reasons for Superman's Weakness

As we know, Superman is one of the strongest superheroes in the DC Universe. Even so, he also has a fatal weakness against Kryptonite. 

5. The Mystery Behind the Source Wall

In the DC Universe, the Source Wall is a cosmic wall that is the outer boundary of the DC multiverse

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The Five Unbelievable Mystery of the DC Universe