Hunger usually disappears after we fill the stomach. But, why the stomach so hungry? Even though we just ate 1-2 hours ago. The condition of a hungry stomach can be caused by many factors. Like the type of food we consume to suffer certain diseases.


But not only that, a number of eating habits that we do every day also affect this.

Usually hunger will attack every 3-4 hours after we eat. But the intensity of hunger can come faster when we do the wrong eating habits continuously. What are the causes? Launching Healthline,

The following is an explanation of why you are hungry quickly caused by the wrong diet

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1. Ignoring protein intake

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2. Eating too many refined carbohydrates

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Low-fat diet

Apart from protein, fat also plays a key role in keeping your stomach full for longer. The reason is, fat intake can delay the release of hunger hormones longer. So the stomach will feel full longer too.

4. Lack of fiber

If the diet we consume is always lacking in fiber, then it can be a cause of hunger. Eating high-fiber foods can help keep hunger at bay.

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5. Too often get distracted while eating

Disturbances experienced while eating can reduce awareness of how much food we consume. Several studies have shown that those who are disturbed when eating can feel hungry more quickly, than those who eat quietly while sitting relaxed.

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The study involved 88 women who were instructed to eat and some others ate while sitting and silent.

Facts prove, those who enjoy food and are distracted by their surroundings feel their stomachs are not full and have a much greater desire to eat more.

6. Habit of eating too fast

7. Not drinking enough water