Women who are pregnant will usually feel uncomfortable body conditions. The discomfort is actually facial,

because the body's metabolism adjusts to the presence of the fetus in the womb. One of the conditions suffered by pregnant women is shortness of breath.

Some of the conditions for shortness of breath are normal, but there are also things that need to be observed what causes it and how to deal with it for comfort and health during pregnancy.

Here are Some Causes of Shortness of Breath During Pregnancy

1. Pressure on diaphragm

The uterus will enlarge as the fetus develops during pregnancy.

This enlargement will be able to press the other upper part of the lung organ and will cause shortness of breath.

This condition is still considered normal. Usually experienced by pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy.

2. The position of the fetus in the womb

This condition is usually experienced during the third trimester of pregnancy.

The position of the fetus that continues to develop in the womb can shift to a higher part towards the chest.

This will compress the diaphragm which causes the mother to feel short of breath when breathing.

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3. Iron deficiency

The impact of iron deficiency is a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood.

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