How America became the No.1 Superpower?

Reality of USA

Which country is the most powerful in the world? Which country is the biggest Superpower? If you can't answer this question easily, then think. Which country's economy is the largest? Which country's GDP is more than $20 trillion?

Which country's companies are the most famous? Which country's films have affected the world most? Which country has won the most Nobel prize?

And which country has won the most Olympic medals? Which country has the strongest military power? The answer to all these questions is America. Superpower! and America.

But the question is: How did the USA become a Superpower?

What did they do to become so powerful?

Let's try to figure it out in today's this article

How did it become possible?

We need to delve into history to understand it. In the year 1492, the Italian explorer,

Christopher Columbus, discovered some Caribbean islands near North America. After this,

the Europeans got to know America. And the colonization of America started

By the Europeans. During this time, Red Indians lived in America They’re also known as Native Americans.

There were numerous different tribes. South America was mostly colonized by Spain. It is known as Latin America today.