Pramudia Clinic skin and sex specialist, Anthony Handoko, revealed that acne treatment is actually not appropriate if it is only done by applying skincare.

According to him, skincare is more appropriate for skin that is in good condition, where the focus is only on treating, not curing or treating.

This is because acne is basically a skin infection, which must be treated appropriately according to the rules of medical treatment.

Scientific facts record that acne or what is medically called acne vulgaris is actually a group of skin infectious diseases caused by bacteria,"

Anthony explained, medical treatment of acne can be assessed from the severity that occurs. Then, how to distinguish acne medically? Here's the explanation.

According to Anthony, until now, there are three types of categories for acne, namely mild, moderate, and severe. Also, there are also categories in terms of shape.

When viewed in terms of shape, acne can be categorized as small pimples, pus, and large bumps," said Anthony.

Meanwhile, in terms of location, acne can occur on the face, chest, back and arms," he added.

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Thus, the more severe or the wider the location of the spread of acne, the more different treatment is needed, which is adjusted to the severity of the occurrence.

How to deal with acne, the treatment for acne 

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