Taylor Swift Ranked First Celebrity Biggest Carb0n Emitter

TheMoonDay.Com..Data released by the UK-based digital marketing agency said that the private jet of singer and celebrity Taylor Swift produced the largest carbon emissions this year. Yard, the agency’s name reveals, the singer’s plane has made 170 flights so far in 2022 with an average flight time of 80 minutes. With a total flight of more than 380 hours, the jet is estimated to consume 128 gallons of fuel per trip. So that the total emissions produced reached 8,293 tons.

Taylor Swift Ranked First Celebrity Biggest Carbon Emitter
Taylor Swift American Singer

Swift’s own party responded to the news and said that the figure could be obtained because he regularly lends his private jet to others. Quoted from CNET, Friday (5/8/2022) to get these figures, Yard said his party took data from Celebrity Jets which tracks private jet use around the world. Yard then calculated the total possible CO2 emissions for each celebrity jet during the year. Meanwhile, the second position contributor to carbon emissions is occupied by boxer Floyd Mayweather whose jet has a total flight time of 326 hours for an estimated CO2 emission of 7000 tons. The position was followed by Jay-Z with 321 hours and 6900 tons of emissions.

Criticism for Taylor Swift

Criticism of Taylor Swift on social media also spiked after the news circulated. Social media users were quick to respond, creating memes depicting Swift using her private jet to go to Starbucks or to get a glass of water. However, other users also questioned whether the criticism would be helpful or fair to blame celebrities like Swift for climate change, given that other companies are still responsible for 71 percent of carbon emissions. Despite the debate, experts argue that individuals and celebrities should still make climate-conscious travel choices. “I think it’s good that there’s been a lot of attention on the ethical considerations of aviation. This is because the impact of aviation, even if it’s a commercial flight, is very high,” said Laura Kuhl, assistant professor of public policy and urban affairs and international affairs at Northeastern, in a statement. from Phys.

Furthermore, compared to commercial flights, private jets are arguably inefficiency, as most private jet flights are relatively short. For example, Kylie Jenner is only on the air for 13 minutes while Floyd Mayweather has recorded a flight with a duration of 10 minutes. Since most of the emissions are generated during takeoff and landing, this makes flight very inefficient, in addition to the fact that private jets generally carry very few people. Kuhl also suggested, taking a commercial flight is much better than using a private jet. Then choosing to take an alternative form of transportation can also have a big impact. Including if you have to travel, choosing a direct flight is better than having to stop over. Currently, transportation is the economic sector with the highest emissions in the United States, followed by China and Europe. “If we are going to meet the target that experts say is necessary to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius to avoid catastrophic consequences, then we need to do everything we can to prevent it,” Kuhl added.

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