In 2009, Avata aired with 3D technology. The audience watched the film with special glasses in the dark room and big screen of the cinema.

An epic experience that became a breakthrough at that time.

13 years on, the first Avatar film will be showing in theaters again with much better quality,

even without 3D technology. and now Avatar The Way of Water releases september in theaters with more epic quality.

20th Century Studios announced through their official release on Wednesday (24/8/2022),

"Avatar The Way of Water" will hit theaters in September 2022.

The video and audio quality of the film has been improved,

so viewers can watch in stunning 4K and High Dynamic Range later.

The re-airing of "Avatar The Way of Water'' in theaters is also a moment for fans to remember the story of the first film,

before the second film Avatar: The Way of Water opens in theaters in December 2022.

Previously, Avatar did air on the Disney+ streaming platform but last week the film was quietly released.

silence disappeared from the platform,

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