Discover the untold story of Margot Robbie’s missed opportunity to join the iconic Fantastic Four superhero team. Explore the reasons behind this casting mishap and delve into the potential that went unfulfilled. Get all the details on why Margot’s absence from the Fantastic Four franchise left fans wondering what could have been.

For a long time, Marvel Studios has been working on a new Fantastic Four picture. After departing Star Trek 4 for the MCU, Matt Shakman has been confirmed to direct.

While there has been no official announcement on the cast, rumors have circulated that Margot Robbie will portray Fantastic Four member Sue Storm, while Adam Driver is in final negotiations to play Reed Richards.

However, according to online rumors, both of them have rejected Marvel’s invitation to feature in the highly awaited MCU film. If this information is correct, it does not appear to be a major issue.

so we can guess Marvel Studios has a few more actors lined up to play the Fantastic Four team. Many people are hopeful that John Krasinski would reprise his role as Reed Richards.

Especially after he emerged as Reed Richards from another dimension in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Many people believe Reed Richards will be an excellent choice for the role.

Both Robbie and their Driver are rising Hollywood stars, and their acting is outstanding. Robbie himself is no stranger to superhero films.

Several years ago, he starred in several films that were closely related to superheroes, namely The Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and many more. She played her iconic role of Harley Quinn, who was once the lover of the Joker.

But after James Gunn became the new leader of DC Studios, it is not certain whether Harley Quinn will return to play the character or not. Meanwhile, Driver rose to prominence after joining the Star Wars world.

He portrays Kylo Ren, Han Solo and Leia’s son. However, Kylo Ren eventually succumbed to the Dark Side and became a powerful foe for Rey.

And, with the conclusion of the Skywalker series, Driver is no longer part of the Star Wars universe. Let’s wait and see, nerds, who else could portray the Fantastic Four in the MCU except Margot Robbie.

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