Why Supergirl Act 0f Killing Won't Generate Controversy like Man of Steel

Discover why Supergirl's controversial act of killing sets her apart from Man of Steel.

Explore the ethical nuances and narrative context that differentiate her decision, providing insights into how it won't elicit the same controversy.

Delve into the complexities of superhero morality and witness the evolution of Supergirl's character as she challenges traditional norms.

Why Supergirl's Act of Killing Will Escape Controversy A la Man of Steel

The Flash by Andy Muschietti, which will be released next month, is called one of the best DC Extended Universe films, as well as the most violent.

That's evident from the trailer scene showing Kara Zor-El AKA Supergirl, attacking a number of guards who want to catch Superman's cousin.

In 2013, when Superman (Henry Cavill) was introduced by Warner Bros. in Man of Steel, fans were divided in the controversy over the climax fight between Kal-El (Superman) and General Zod (Michael Shannon).

In the final act of the film by genius director Zack Snyder, Superman is shown ending the life of Zod, an evil figure who also comes from his home planet, Krypton.

With equal strength, throughout the film both of them were involved in a death battle in the sky of Metropolis, but Superman only made a decision after half of the city was destroyed and many victims fell.

Superman kills Zod who was about to attack a frightened family with his heat vision. Superman begs him to stop, but Zod insists, "No way!", and Kal-El is forced to snap Zod's neck.

remains one of the most divisive elements for Superman fans, with detractors insisting that Superman's no-kill rule is inviolable. While other camps say that Superman has no other choice. xt

Meanwhile in The Flash, in an alternate universe created by the actions of Speed Force Barry Alen, Batman shows Michael Keaton and two Barry Alen freeing Supergirl from prison.

Kara tosses the prison guards around like dolls, with one being thrown directly into the explosion and the other being catapulted far into the mountains.

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