Michelle Yeoh Winner of the Best Actress Category at the Oscars 2023, Here Are Michelle Yeoh's 6 Iconic Roles

Michelle Yeoh has made history Oscar with her win in the Best Actress category, which makes Michelle Yeoh the first Asian woman to win this category.

Along with the 2022 Icon of the Year by Time magazine, this 60 year old woman also received rave reviews for her new film entitled Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Michelle Yeoh is also known as a beacon of Asian representation that inspires new fans and generations.  Being an Asian actress whose name is increasingly reckoned with in Hollywood.

Here are 6 Iconic Roles of Michelle Yeoh as Reported by Tatler Asia

Wai Lin - James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

In the film James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies, Michelle Yeoh plays Wai Lin, an expert agent from China's Ministry of State Security who teams up with James Bond to stop Elliot Carver, the leader of a power-mad media from engineering world events to start World War II  .  Pierce Brosnan as the actor James Bond was also impressed with Michelle Yeoh's acting and described her as an extraordinary actress.

Aung San Suu Kyi - The Lady (2011)

In the film The Lady, Michelle Yeoh plays Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.  The film follows the story of Suu Kyi as she leads Myanmar's military-ruled democracy movement.  Playing a non-fiction role for the first time, Michelle Yeoh admitted that the role was very intimidating.

In preparation, he watched 200 hours of Suu Kyi's videos, spent months learning the Burmese language, and trained to achieve a similar physique to Suu Kyi.  Thanks to her hard work, Suu Kyi's role is one of Michelle Yeoh's most powerful and moving roles to date.

Philippa Georgiou - Star Trek: Discovery (2017-2022)

Star Trek: Discovery follows the story of the crew of the starship Discovery, which is told to begin a decade before Star Trek: The Original Series in the 23rd century.  In this film, Michelle Yeoh plays two characters at once.

First, she played the character of Captain Philippa Georgiou, the mentor to lead Michael Burnham and the second became the Dark Mirror Universe's version of character, Emperor Georgiou of the Terran Empire.

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