10 Most Evil Justice League!

TheMoonDay..As we know, Justice League is DC’s best superhero team whose main goal is to protect Earth and everything in it. Unfortunately, this goal does not apply to all alternative versions of Justice League spread across the multiverse.

Because in reality, in some alternative universes, the members of the Justice League are symbols of evil and chaos. Where when they join as a team, then no one else can save the Earth.

Starting from the evil version that is not scary, to the morally outrageous, here are ten versions of the evil Justice League that DC has told!

10 Most Evil Justice League!

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Super Enemies

Animations Super Enemies DC Comics
Super Enemies (DC Comics)

Although the appearance of the members of Super Enemies is not so scary, but they are a version of the Justice League which is considered very evil.

First appearing in the animated series Superfriends (1979), their appearance begins with Superman who accidentally visits an alternate universe, where the Justice League is made up of bad guys.

Like the evil versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Aquaman, Zan, Jayna, and Gleek. Even worse, they all have kryptonite guns that can overwhelm Superman.

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Justice League of Assassins

Justice League of Assassins is an alternate version of Justice League based in the post-apocalyptic world, Earth-14. Unlike the original Justice League, Superman from Earth-14 looks like he’s leading an armed force.

The team consists of Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Batman, Harley Quinn, and Green Lantern, whose superpowers come from advanced weapons and equipment. Another difference lies in the morale of those who are willing to kill anyone to achieve their goals.

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The Conglomerate

Animations The Conglomerate DC Comics
The Conglomerate (DC Comics)

The Conglomerate is an evil version of Justice League International that first appeared in the comics Justice League Quarterly #8 (1992). Their emergence stems from the conglomerates who try to form a super team with superhumans from alternative universes.

The team consists of Deadeye (Green Arrow), Fiero (Fire), Frostbite (Ice), Elasti-Man (Elongated Man), Element Man (Metamorpho), Scarab (Blue Beetle), and Slipstream (Flash).

Initially they challenged the Justice League to a friendly competition. However, in the end the competition turned into a brutal battle.

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Sinister Squadron

Animations Sinister Squadron DC Comics
Sinister Squadron (DC Comics)

In 1969, Marvel Comics introduced their own version of Justice League in The Avengers #69 comic, namely Squadron Sinister. The difference is, because in the Marvel Universe there is already an Avengers superhero team, the Sinister Squadron is present as a supervillain team whose members and strengths are similar to DC superheroes.

Including Doctor Spectrum (Green Lantern), Hyperion (Superman), Nighthawk (Batman), and Whizzer (Flash). After appearing several times as a threat to the multiverse, they have even tried to dominate Battle world in the Secret Wars comic (2015).

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The Justice Lords

The Justice Lords
The Justice Lords

First appearing in the animated series Justice League, the Justice Lords are a team of supervillains from an alternate universe. Their emergence in the universe stems from the death of Flash by Lex Luthor who at that time had succeeded in becoming president.

The tragedy then makes Superman kill Lex and eventually take over the world government with the members of the Justice Lords. Their goal in the main universe is to make Earth’s Justice League take the same path as the Justice Lords.

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Injustice League

Injustice League
Injustice League

In 1989, DC introduced the Injustice League supervillain team in Justice League International #23. Which consists of villains, such as Cluemaster, Major Disaster, Clock King, Big Sir, Multi-Man, and Mighty Bruce.

However, because at that time its appearance was not so memorable, DC finally returned to present Injustice League in the comic Silver Age: The Showcase #1 (2000) with a stronger composition of members.

They are Lex Luthor, Black Manta, Bizarro, and Joker. Since then this team has become much more effective because it had succeeded in replacing the position of the Justice League on Earth.

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Injustice Syndicate

Animations Injustice Syndicate DC Comics
Injustice Syndicate (DC Comics)

Another alternative version of Justice League that appears in the animated series is Injustice Syndicate. The team consisting of bad people, such as Owlman (Batman), Blue Bowman (Green Arrow), Scarlet Scarab (Blue Beetle), and Silver Cyclone (Red Tornado) first appeared in Batman:

The Brave and the Bold (2009). . Their story begins when Batman from the main universe accidentally enters another universe and meets the Injustice Syndicate. After learning of their plans to destroy other universes, Batman inevitably has to try to capture them with all his might.

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The Joker League

Animations The Joker League DC Comics
The Joker League (DC Comics)

When the Joker managed to steal Mister Mxyzptlk’s powers in the comic Superman: Emperor Joker (2007), he immediately used his newfound powers to change reality to his liking.

In this new reality he then founded an evil version of the Justice League which he named The Joker League of Anarchy which consisted of supervillains.

Like Bizarro, Poison Ivy, along with new villains named Gilly, Scorch, Ignition, Skim, and Bounty. As the Joker’s henchman, The Joker League’s only goal is to create chaos and destruction wherever they are.

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Animations Injustice DC Comics
Injustice (DC Comics)

Unlike the comic version, the Injustice League appears in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, which consists of the main superheroes.

Where their morals become chaotic after Superman takes over the world by force. It all started with the Joker who managed to trick Superman into killing Lois Lane.

Since then Superman has turned into an unforgiving figure when dealing with his enemies, including Batman who does not agree with his point of view. The members of the Injustice League version of this game consist of Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Cyborg, Killer Frost, Black Adam, Solomon Grundy, Doomsday, and many more.

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Crime Syndicate

Animations Crime Syndicate DC Comics
Crime Syndicate (DC Comics)

After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Crime Syndicate is the evil version of the Justice League that first rose to create chaos in its own universe, Earth-3. The reason why they were able to achieve their goal is because Earth-3 is an alternate world where evil always wins.

Interestingly, this Crime Syndicate consists of reverse versions of the superheroes in the main universe. Such as Ultraman (Superman), Owlman (Batman), Johnny Quick (Flash), Superwoman (Supergirl), Power Ring (Green Lantern), and many more.

Those are ten versions of the evil Justice League that have appeared in various DC media, ranging from comics, animation, to video games. The presence of these various supervillain teams proves that not all of them based on the Justice League have the same good morals as the superheroes in the main universe.

In fact, they actually do the opposite, which is to create chaos and destruction wherever they set foot, in their own universe and when they arrive in the main universe.

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