Is this the Fate 0f White Vision in the MCU?

TheMoonDay.Com..Of the many new characters that appear in Phase 4 of the MCU, White Vision is one of the characters whose existence is now very mysterious. “Is this the fate of White Vision in the MCU?”, the character of White Vision himself was last seen in the final episode of Wanda Vision entitled ‘The Series Finale’. Where he fights with the ‘real’ Vision (Paul Bettany) who is a creation from the memories of Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Johansson).

After fighting each other in the West View library, Vision finally decided to transfer his memories to White Vision. A moment later, White Vision who was still confused with his new identity was seen flying off into the sky and was never seen again until now.

Fate of White Vision in the MCU

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It’s been more than a year since this incident, in which at least seven series and six new MCU films have aired after Wanda Vision. However, none of the new shows mention the existence of White Vision.

Where did White Vision go after his memory returned? This question is often asked by fans, but until now Marvel Studios seems to have chosen to remain silent.

That’s why this time we will try to guess what the fate of White Vision will be in the MCU. Before discussing the theory, let’s first look at the story of White Vision in Marvel Comics, which may be a reference for his story in the MCU in the future.

vision and white vision
Vision and White Vision

The Story of White Vision in Marvel Comics

White Vision is a character who first appeared in John Byrne’s West Coast Avengers comics. The story itself begins with a multinational group who kidnaps Vision because he is afraid that he will be able to access global databases with his abilities.

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In the process Vision’s body was dismantled and his memories erased, before Hank Pym remade his body intact as White Vision. Unfortunately, Hank’s efforts can’t restore his mind, so White Vision is nothing more than an android who has forgotten all about his past, including his status as Wanda’s husband.

However, as time passed, White Vision began to feel that he was real. Just like the green and red versions of Vision, White Vision also wants to experience life like a human. With the help of a scientist, White Vision is finally able to obtain emotions and a body that is similar to that of a human.

From then on he began to disguise himself as a human named Victor Shade. At the same time, it turns out that a Vision from the multiverse, who has a red and green Vision body, suddenly appears and causes chaos on Earth.

As part of his evil plan, Anti-Vision even managed to forcibly swap his body for White Vision. Where it makes Vision’s consciousness return to his green and red body, while Anti-Vision is inside White Vision’s body.

Long story short, in the comic Vision (1994) by Bob Harras, true Vision finally managed to defeat Anti-Vision and save the Earth. It was at this point that he began to live his new life more freely, without worrying about his old memories.

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White Vision’s New Life in the MCU

If we go back to the history of the creation of White Vision in the Wanda Vision series, in fact he came from the original body of Vision who died in the Avengers: Infinity Wars movie. Where SWORD decides to reactivate his body in order to defeat Wanda and his Vision in West View.

In the process, White Vision had to face off against Vision who eventually won the battle after transferring all of his memories. So that the memories of Wanda’s Vision and White Vision finally mixed, giving birth to a new figure who was none other than the MCU version of True Vision.

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After he flew away from the location, with this new memory, it was no longer possible for True Vision to return to SWORD HQ. Instead, there is a possibility that True Vision, who had just grown emotions from his old life, finally decided to turn over a new leaf.

If the MCU story takes a reference from Marvel Comics, it’s not impossible that true Vision is currently mingling with humans as Victor Shade. The reason why he didn’t return to Wanda right away, was probably because he preferred to focus on his new life somewhere.

Based on this, it’s safe to conclude that true Vision doesn’t seem to know about the events in Doctor Strange 2. When the time comes, sooner or later he will reappear in various MCU shows.

And since Marvel hasn’t confirmed its appearance yet, that means true Vision could appear anytime and anywhere. What do you think, geeks, which MCU movie or series will bring out the characters again?

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