“Laal Singh Chaddah” Movie Boycott Campaign-Threatens Bollywood Cinema Revenue

TheMoonDay.Com..The Bollywood film industry is facing a complicated problem. This is related to people who Laal Singh Chaddah Movie boycott Campaign a series of films that are planned to be shown or are currently showing in theaters. Laal Singh Chaddah This boycott campaign has been going on for some time and is echoing on social media.

Finally, there is Laal Singh Chaddha, a remake of Forrest Gump (1994), starring Aamir Khan. This happened because of various incidents involving the actor several years ago. One of them is about Aamir Khan’s statement about tolerance in India which is fading. In 2015, Aamir Khan had mentioned the growth of intolerance in India. He also said that at that time he had talked with his wife about moving from the country.

Amar Khan Movie From Laal Sing Chaddah
Amir Khan Movie From Laal Singh Chaddah

Laal Singh Chaddah Movie Boycott Campaign

“I was talking to Kiran at home and she said should we move? That’s a big statement that could come from Kiran because she is worried about our children. She is afraid of environmental conditions. She is even afraid to read the newspaper every day,” he said at the time.

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It did not stop there, calls for a boycott of Laal Singh Chaddha also came due to the controversy over the film PK. As is known, Aamir Khan is also the main actor in the film PK. In the film, many scenes about religion are shown and controversy arises because there are things that are considered offensive to Hindus.

The film PK is considered insulting to the Hindu god and the content shown in the film is considered provocative. Even so, PK was successful at the box office not only domestically but also internationally.

Although fairly successful outside of India, Laal Singh Chaddha is very slumped in the cinema screen in his own country. This film did not get the income as predicted even touted to be the lowest-grossing film from Aamir Khan in the history of his appearance on the big screen.

Indian society’s boycott campaign against their films has received mixed reactions from actors and actresses. Not a few of them voiced disappointment because of this boycott call. Actors and actresses are very vocal about this because according to them, a boycott of a film is not only detrimental to the filmmaker but also to the country’s income in general.

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Threatens Bollywood Cinema Revenue

The issue of boycotts is often a problem in Indian cinema. Stars like Shah Rukh Khan have even received a rejection of the film Dilwale (2015) due to the actor’s comments about intolerance in India. Now, his latest film Pathaan, which hasn’t even aired yet, has received discordant boycotts from social media.

Regarding this boycott, the Mohabbattein actor has already expressed his opinion. In an interview that has now gone viral on Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan said there was little profit for filmmakers from the boycott even though he gave absolutely no support for doing so.

“Sometimes it does have a good effect. If the film is not successful, filmmakers can use boycott reasons to make their hearts a little relieved, so there is a reason that boycotts make the film not perform well at the box office,” he said.

Regarding the boycott aimed at his previous film, Shah Rukh Khan is actually not the one who cares about it. “There are those who argue, there are those who comment about it, but in this country, I know I have received a lot of love from society and with that belief I believe that not many people have received as much love as I have,” concluded Shah Rukh Khan.


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