Is there a Ghost Rider in She-Hulk Episode 4?

TheMoonDay.Com..She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 4 just aired last Thursday. During the first four episodes, the series featured new characters like Titania, and older characters like Bruce Banner and Emil Blonsky aka Abomination. “Ghost Rider” Wong the Sorcerer Supreme was also present, where Jennifer Walters asked for his help as an important witness in parole against Abomination.

Is there a Ghost Rider in She-Hulk Episode 4
She-Hulk and Ghost Rider(MCU)

In this fourth episode, Wong turned to Jennifer for help to help him handle the case of someone who used Mystic Arts carelessly. Throughout the story, the person uses the last name Blaze, which is of course very closely related to the superhero identity Ghost Rider. Then, is he really the person fans have been waiting for?

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Donny Blaze MCU Version Not Ghost Rider

Donny Blaze MCU Version Not Ghost Rider
Donny Blaze MCU Version

A poster that reads Johnny Blaze appears at a glance in the trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. It seemed to hint that the Ghost Rider character might appear, and made fans even more enthusiastic. But in reality, episode 4 introduces us to a new character named Donny Blaze, and is clearly unrelated to Ghost Rider.

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Donny Blaze (who appears in the She-Hulk series) himself never appears in any Marvel comics, and is the original character created by Marvel studios for this series. Donny Blaze is played by actor Rhys Coiro, and he is a famous magician who trained at Kamar-Taj to become Master of the Mystic Arts. As he exits Kamar-Taj, Donny manages to steal one of the sling rings he uses to perform several magic tricks during his performance.

Instead of being the iconic Ghost Rider, this MCU version of Donny Blaze is introduced as a magician who abuses Mystic Arts. Even during his magic show, Donny accidentally opens the wrong portal, and instead brings alien creatures from other dimensions flying, and making threats. At that time, Wong and Jennifer had to take part in solving the problem Donny had made.

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Johnny Blaze In Marvel Comics

Johnny Blaze In Marvel Comics
Ghost Rider MCU

In contrast to the figure of Donny Blaze who looks reckless in the MCU, Johnny Blaze is the true identity of one of the most famous horror characters in the Marvel comics world. Johnny is known as the Ghost Rider, and he first appeared in the fifth edition of the Marvel Spotlight comics in August 1972.

Prior to becoming the demon, Johnny was a motorcycle stuntman. When his biological father, Barton Blaze, died, he was adopted by Crash Simpson and Mona Simpson, who were close friends with his father.

Years later, disaster strikes again for Johnny because his adoptive father, Crash Simpson, is seriously ill. Unexpectedly, Johnny decides to sell his soul to the demon Mephisto to save his father.

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Even so, Crash’s life still can’t be saved, and Mephisto combines Johnny’s soul with Zarathos, the Spirit of Vengeance, until he turns into Ghost Rider.

During his time as Ghost Rider, Johnny acted like a vigilante, and he was obsessed with avenging the downtrodden. He did that because it was a form of guilt for not being able to protect his loved ones. In the action, Ghost Rider often rides a mystical motorbike that can move at high speed.

Ghost Rider is also highly resistant to various supernatural attacks, and has the power to control the Hellfire that can burn human souls. Then, it also has a long chain that cannot be destroyed.

He often uses the chain to bind the enemies he faces. In addition, he has joined the supernatural superhero group, Midnight Sons, along with Doctor Strange, Blade, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, and also Wong.

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Well, geeks, it’s clear that Donny Blaze and Johnny Blaze are two very different figures. Even though they both have the same last name, their characteristics and strengths are not comparable.

This isn’t the first time the MCU has surprised fans with this twist, previously at Wanda Vision there was the figure of Quicksilver aka Pietro Maximoff who turned out to be a man named Ralph Bohner.

However, the appearance of the original Ghost Rider could still happen in the future of the MCU, let alone rumors of the formation of the Midnight Sons group could materialize. Hopefully in the next phase we can see the action of Ghost Rider, geeks!

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