Top 10 Biggest Hulks in the Marvel Universe!

TheMoonDay.Com–Of the many Marvel superheroes, the Hulk is one of the most powerful and brutal ones. It all started with gamma radiation that changed the DNA structure of Bruce Banner’s body into a terrifying monster.

This turned out to not only happen to Bruce, but also the people around him who eventually became a monster like him. Starting from superheroes to supervillains, the individuals who become monsters like the Hulk generally have quite interesting stories.

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Some of them are even famous for being very brutal, both in terms of stories and characters. Who are they? Just take a look below at the list of the wildest Hulks in the Marvel.

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Here Are 10 of the Biggest Hulks in the Marvel Universe


It’s unlikely that there would be another Hulk in the Marvel Universe, if Bruce Banner had never completed the gamma experiment and was directly hit by the explosion. That’s why, as a pioneer, Bruce finally became known as the Hulk, the strongest and also the most savage.

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Since he mentioned it in 1962, it’s been countless how many buildings were damaged and how many bodies were torn and crushed at the hands of the Hulk. In the story of World War Hulk, he even invaded Earth with gladiators from the planet Saakar. In the process he nearly flattened Earth’s superheroes, including the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

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She-Hulk Marvel Comics
She-Hulk Marvel Comics

The next Hulk who is famous for being wild in the Marvel Universe is Bruce’s brother, who else if not Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk. The character who debuted through the comic Savage She-Hulk #1 (1980) initially admitted that he only wanted to focus on pursuing his career as a superhuman lawyer.

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However, as time passed, he finally started to accept his role as a superhero and even joined the Avengers. In the story of Avengers Disassembled, She-Hulk had a tantrum because Scarlet Witch messed up his mind. At first he aimed for Captain America, but ended up killing Vision by splitting his body in two.

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Red Hulk

Thaddeus Ross was originally a proud American military general who was tasked with hunting down Bruce Banner aka the Hulk. However, his life begins to change when he deals with M.O.D.O.K. to become the Red Hulk. It was at this point that he became a much more brutal figure than before.

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Where he still holds a grudge against the Hulk. In terms of strength, the Red Hulk basically has physical strength that is not much different from the Hulk himself. The difference is, if he is angry, then his body will heat up until it can melt the iron around it.

Red She-Hulk

Red She-Hulk Marvel Comics
Red She-Hulk Marvel Comics

Betty Ross is actually Bruce’s love interest who also loves the superhero no matter what the circumstances. One day when Bruce called off their marriage which resulted in the kidnapping of Betty by M.O.D.O.K.. It was at this point that M.O.D.O.K. turn him into a Harpy monster. Who hates Hulk like his father Thaddeus Ross aka Red Hulk.

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One day when his father gives him some of his gamma powers, he transforms into a brutal figure as the Red She-Hulk. Where his anger often overwhelms the Hulk and other superheroes. To make matters worse, now he had become a Red Harpy who could fly and was far more brutal than before.


In Marvel Comics, Emil Blonsky aka Abomination was originally a Soviet spy. He became a Hulk monster after being exposed to gamma radiation which is said to be far more dangerous than what happened to Bruce. This is what then causes the appearance of the monster to look even worse.

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Abomination’s anger and sadness for not being able to return to his old life, in the end made him often go crazy and commit brutal acts. Because of his hatred for Bruce, he even accidentally injected gamma radiation into Betty’s body and almost killed her.


A-Bomb Marvel Comics
A-Bomb Marvel Comics

Rick Jones was one of the first living witnesses to see how Bruce Banner got his gamma powers and turned into the Hulk. From then on, Rick and Bruce became close friends who helped each other, each other. Rick even had time to help Bruce when he first founded the Avengers.

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One day he also finally gets his own gamma power after Abomination DNA runs in his blood, who else could it be if not M.O.D.O.K. Since then he has become an A-Bomb monster who is recorded to have defeated Abomination in a battle.


Just like the Hulks in the Marvel Universe, Leader is also one of the characters whose DNA is exposed to gamma radiation. The difference is, if the others become very strong figures, Leader becomes a smart villain with green skin and an enlarged head. Maybe the gamma radiation that hit his body directly attacked his brain, not his muscles.

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Since then he has become a villain who often uses his ‘savage ideas’ to try to rule the Earth. He has even been shown to be a real monster that can instantly eat his prey. This he did to get all the knowledge and contents of the mind of the victim.

Weapon H

Weapon H is the newest Hulk monster that first debuted in 2017 in the Weapons of Mutant Destruction saga. The story of the character whose real name is Clayton Cortez begins when Dr. Aliana Alba made her part of the new Weapon X project. Where is Dr. Aliana injects Clayton with gamma radiation, Wolverine DNA, and liquid adamantium.

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This instantly turned him into a Hulk monster whose brutality we need not doubt. Because in addition to turning into a very strong, gray-skinned Hulk monster, he can also issue adamantium claws that can slash anyone who gets in his way.


kluh marvel comics
Kluh Marvel Fandom

Kluh is one of the strongest versions of the Hulk that Bruce Banner has kept within his own soul for a long time. One day, Kluh managed to escape from Bruce’s body and wreak havoc on Earth. Precisely in the story of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, where he went on a brutal rampage to defeat the members of the Avengers, causing some of them to fall.

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In addition to being notorious, what’s worse, Kluh also has the power of telekinesis and is immune to mind control. This is what ultimately makes Kluh very difficult to beat if only relying on strength alone.


Finally, a person who deserves to be included in the list of the worst Hulk is the Bruce Banner variant from Earth-9200, namely Maestro. The reason why Maestro should be on this list is because he is an example of the most brutal Hulk of all time. Appearing for the first time in the story of Future Imperfect, Maestro is a future ruler who is notoriously brutal and unforgiving.

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In order to secure his power, he will not hesitate to destroy every resistance organization. The maestro was also famous for collecting young women as his concubines. In other words, this combination of his mind and brute strength has made Maestro the most dangerous Hulk.

Those are ten figures with gamma radiation who eventually became the most ferocious Hulk monsters in the Marvel Universe. Regardless of what the motivations of these Hulk monsters are, they always manage to prove that ‘a Hulk‘ is worthy of being feared.

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Both in terms of mind and strength, a Hulk inside becomes a very dangerous figure, especially if they choose the wrong path. Fortunately, some of these Hulk monsters, such as the Hulk, She-Hulk, and A-Bomb, still remain loyal to the side of the superhero and balance the ‘brutal force’ in the Marvel Universe.

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