Meet the New Green Lanterns in the Arrowverse!1,

The Arrowverse has finally introduced a new Green Lantern, Jade. Jade herself is a new character introduced in the second season of the Stargirl series.

One of the newest series to air on The CW platform, and part of DC TV, is Stargirl, which focuses on the figure of Courtney Whitmore and the new generation of the Justice Society of America.

Courtney is the one responsible for bringing back the oldest group of heroes in the DC Universe, after the group was destroyed by Injustice of America. When Courtney was collecting various objects and contums of former JSA heroes, she then found Green Lantern’s power battery. While not shown dead, the battery belongs to Alan Scott, a Green Lantern from the Golden Age, who was also an early member of the JSA.

In the second season of the series, fans will be introduced to Jade, who is Alan’s daughter, as shown in the trailer. Jade is the only new character to appear in the second season of Stargirl. However, for the Arrowverse, his appearance is very important. Then, who exactly is Jade in the comic?

Arrowverse Version Jade

So far there isn’t much information about Jade’s character appearing in the second season of Stargirl, other than what the trailer shows. However, from what’s presented in the trailer, it looks like Jade has a power ring that she’s been saving. In the trailer, Jade comes to Courtney’s house and they fight. It is possible that Jade will take the power battery that Courtney took.

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At the end of the trailer, Jade reveals who he is, namely the son of the Green Lantern. Based on the trailer, it looks like The CW has been given the freedom to portray Jade’s character in the Stargirl series. This can be seen from Jade’s physical form, which is not green and does not have green hair. However, it’s also possible that Jade will change just like in the comics in the middle or at the end of the season.It is also unknown whether his younger brother, Obsidian, will also appear in the series. However, considering that the Stargirl series completely adapts stories about JSA from the comics, it wouldn’t be surprising if she appears as a cameo, or is being groomed for a third season later.

Jade’s Powers and Origins in Comics

Jade aka Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, is one of the children of Alan Scott. Jade herself has a twin, a younger brother named Todd Rice, who later became known as Obsidian. When Alan’s wife, Rose Canton, who is also a former villain named Thorn, becomes pregnant, Rose worries that her child will turn out to be as evil as he used to be.

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Eventually Rose gave Jade and Todd to whoever wanted to adopt them, and they grew up in two different foster families. Jade later realized that she had a twin brother and that he was the son of the Green Lantern. The two then tried to join the JSA, but were rejected.

Finally they created their own group, Infinity Inc., which contains the sidekicks of the JSA members and the children of the heroes. Talking about Jade’s strength, she has metahuman abilities due to the mystical energy inherited by Alan during his time as a Green Lantern. This allows Jade to create their own energy.

But as a result of this, Jade’s skin turned green and her hair green. Jade inherited her mother’s ability to manipulate plants. Since Jade and Todd are twins, they have some kind of telepathic ability to communicate with each other. Unlike his father, Jade’s abilities as a Green Lanters don’t need to be replenished, because she was born with these powers.

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How Stargirl Season Prime Introduced Green Lantern

The first season of Stargirl did not present a lot of stories about the Golden Age Green Lantern, where the first episode itself showed the fight between JSA and ISA. Although not shown in physical form, green fire energy was seen indicating that Alan was dead. A decade later, Courtney found Alan’s power battery.

The only “evidence” of Alan’s presence in the JSA is through a photo of the JSA group and also his banner at the JSA headquarters. The power battery appears several times in the first season of Stargirl. As explained by Pat, power battery is a dangerous object. He also stressed that the power battery would be useless without the ring being the Grene Lantern’s main strength. So far, the Arrowverse has never clearly provided an explanation regarding the Green Lanters Corps and how Alan got the ring and power battery. Maybe in the second season we will get the answer.

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