James Gunn Ensures Superman Becomes DCU’s Top No 1 Priority!

TheMoonDay…In the DC Universe live action cinema universe, Superman is one of the characters whose fate is quite complicated. After briefly disappearing, now he has returned to DCU through the Black Adam credit scene. Even so, there are still many fans who are curious when his favorite character will get his second solo film.

James Gunn Promises Superman Is a ‘Huge Priority’ for DC

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Responding to this, one of the new CEOs of DC Studios, James Gunn, confirmed that Superman from actor Henry Cavill is one of their top priorities. It was reported a few days ago that DC Studios had canceled several projects started before the leadership of Gunn and Peter Safran.

Henry Cavill: "I'm Back as Superman" Man off Steel 2
Henry Cavill: Superman” Man off Steel DCU

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One of the things that is quite trending among fans is the cancellation of the film Wonder Woman 3 because director Petty Jenkins stepped down from his project. This sparked a new rumor saying that DC Studios is also not interested in developing a Man of Steel 2 film, even though Cavill has returned to reprise his role as Superman.

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It was from there that a fan representative finally asked Gunn via Twitter, “please tell us, will we see Superman [in the future]?” To answer the anxiety that might be experienced by all DC fans, in his tweet, Gunn wrote, “Of course, even though it’s not the top priority, but Superman is [one of] our priorities.”

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After knowing the response from one of the leaders of DC Studios, many fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Because even though the fate of the film Man of Steel 2 is still unclear, at least Gunn has promised that the fate of the character Superman is being ‘boiled’ along with a number of other DCU priorities.

Henry Cavill blacksuit superman mcu
Henry Cavill blacksuit superman MCU

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Sooner or later, after the new DCU plan is ready, maybe we’ll be able to see what the future of Superman will be like in the live action cinema universe. Previously, it was also reported that Gunn and Safran would soon submit all plans for the next phase of the DCU to Warner Bros. as the company that houses DC Studios.

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If everything goes well, it’s not impossible that next year DC Studios will announce the long-term plans for the DCU universe, not just Superman, but all the characters in it. Let’s just wait, geeks.

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