Why Didn’t Justice League Sh0w Up in Black Adam?

TheMoonDay.Com__After a long wait, DCEU’s Black Adam film finally aired. As the title suggests, the film focuses on Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in the DCEU cinema universe. In his adventure this time he has to deal with the Justice Society superhero team who judged his actions could harm the Earth. But in the process, Adam and the Justice Society must finally work together to face a far more dangerous threat, namely the demon supervillain Sabbac.

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For those who have watched it, they must be aware that the plot of the Black Adam film is almost similar to the Joss Whedon version of Justice League (2017). Where the superheroes must work together to face the supervillain who brought his army to Earth. In the case of Black Adam, the appearance of Sabbac has opened the gates of hell that can threaten Earth as a whole. Based on that level of threat, now the question is why a superhero team as strong as the Justice League doesn’t appear as well? To find out the answer, let’s just look at the discussion below.

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Superman Appears in the Credit Scene

Considering the Justice League is a superhero team that has already debuted in the DCEU, they should be the first choice to face the big threat in the Black Adam movie. In fact, despite the greatness of Justice Society that we can still debate, the films that appear are Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone. Where in experience, maybe only half of them are really mentally prepared. This issue becomes even more confusing after Henry Cavill’s Superman appears at the end of the film.

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In the middle of the credits scene, after Sabbac lost, Amanda Waller from A.R.G.U.S. appeared virtually in Kahnaq via a drone. In the video he threatens Adam to stay in Kahnaq. Otherwise, Amanda can guarantee that Adam will face someone who is not from Earth. When Adam destroys his drone, Superman emerges from a cloud of smoke. He said to Adam, “let’s talk.” The appearance of Superman actually triggers a new question, why didn’t Amanda contact Superman and the Justice League from the start?

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Reasons for the Justice League Not Attending in Black Adam

The reason Justice League is not present, is actually closely related to the existence of the Justice Society in the film. When the Justice Society was about to begin their mission, Hawkman as the leader was seen contacting Amanda Waller for a discussion. Amanda initially asked Hawkman who the Justice Society team members were. Upon hearing the names Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone, Amanda doubts they will succeed, given Black Adam’s immense power. However, Hawkman only replied by saying, “your job is only to prepare a prison that can hold him.”

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The scene looks like Amanda is the first to contact the Justice Society to catch Black Adam. On the other hand, Hawkman is the first person who seems to have contacted Amanda to ask for information regarding Black Adam, as well as a place to lock him up. We can see this in the comic prequel entitled Black Adam: The Justice Society Files. Where the first to know that Black Adam and Sabbac will appear is Doctor Fate, a member of the Justice Society. Hawkman, who felt the same way, then re-formed the Justice Society.

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Starting from the comic story, Hawkman most likely directly contacted Amanda from A.R.G.U.S. Which indeed serves as an extension of the government to help superheroes. This also indirectly explains why the Justice League doesn’t go down directly. The answer is, because from the start the first to see future visions of the disaster in Kahndaq were the Justice Society, not the Justice League, let alone Amanda Waller.

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Why Isn’t Superman With The Justice League?

After knowing the reason why the Justice League did not appear to arrest Black Adam and Sabbac, maybe in our hearts there are still a few questions, why did Superman not appear in the credit scene with Justice League? The reason is simpler than before, because maybe the others are busy with their own business. Because superheroes aren’t always on standby to wait for a call from Amanda Waller. Generally they must have their own preoccupations with problems in their area. For example Batman in Gotham, Aquaman in Atlantis, and so on.

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The main reason is because the credit scene in the Black Adam film serves to confirm the return of Superman Henry Cavill to the DCEU. Because previously the fate of his character was unclear after Snyder Verse’s vision at DCEU was not continued. His solo appearance in the film Black Adam indirectly promises that Superman Henry Cavill will return in the future of the DCEU. Maybe in Black Adam 2 or in his second solo film, Man of Steel 2. Maybe if other members of the Justice League appeared as well, it would spoil the moment of the scene.

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That’s the discussion about why Justice League didn’t appear in the Black Adam movie. The answer is that they do not know what will happen in Kahndaq. The only one who knew everything was the Justice Society, where Hawkman then contacted Amanda Waller of A.R.G.U.S. to obtain information and assistance that can facilitate their mission. The appearance of Superman itself is not to introduce the Justice League to Black Adam. But because only Superman can match the power of Black Adam.

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