The 4 Most Controversial X-Men Decisions!

TheMoonDay.Com…Who doesn’t know the X-Men? Over the years, the X-Men have become an important element in the Marvel story. There are several important characters from the X-Men such as Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, and many more.

Recently, the X-Men have been told to have a new place on an island called Krakoa. Although it is very well known, there are some decisions from the X-Men that are considered very controversial. What are some of the most controversial X-Men decisions? Check out the following geeks!

The 4 Most Controversial X-Men Decisions
X-Men (MCU)

Here a 4 Most Controversial X-Men Decision

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Pretending to Lose Strength

This controversial story was carried out by the leader of the X-Men, Professor X, in the comic X-Men #4 (1964). While chasing criminals to Magneto’s headquarters, Professor Charles Xavier learns that a trap has been set at the door of Magneto’s Palace.

In order to save the other X-Men, he made a heroic sacrifice by allowing himself to be hit by the trap’s explosion.

Professor X MCU
Professor X (MCU)

Ridiculously, Professor X admitted that the explosion made his powers disappear. He did this on purpose to see the X-Men doing other missions without his telepathic help.

A controversial decision that makes Professor X look reckless. Plus, the heroic rescues he made earlier were wasted, as he ended up sending the X-Men on yet another dangerous mission.

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Pretend to be Dead

I don’t know what’s on Professor X’s mind, so he often makes controversial decisions. Having previously pretended to be powerless, in the comic X-Men #42-65 (1968-1970), Professor X tried his new luck by pretending to be dead.

After the X-Men feel sad to see Professor X’s death in a battle, he suddenly reappears in a fresh state when the X-Men are overwhelmed by the Z’Nox aliens who want to destroy the world.

Professor X animation from marvel comics
Professor X Marvel Comics

Professor X explains that he did this on purpose so that he can prepare for the alien invasion of Z’Nox without being disturbed by others, even Jean Gray, who knew it from the start, was forbidden to tell the others.

Although in the end he managed to defeat the alien Z’Nox and save the world, it is quite clear that his decision was a bit selfish. Because when everyone else was busy, he was hiding somewhere.

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Swapping Other Superhero’s Body

Swapping Other Superhero's Body animation from marvel comics
Swapping Other Superhero’s body. (marvel comics)

In Ultimate Spider-Man #67 (2004), it is said that Peter Parker and Wolverine mysteriously swap bodies, which leads to funny scenes, such as Peter accidentally cutting his own finger.

In the end, it was revealed that Jean Gray had deliberately swapped their bodies because she was very upset with Wolverine.

Although in the end their bodies were returned as they all were, Jean Gray’s decision proved that she was very selfish. For the sake of his own troubles, he sacrificed Peter Parker and possibly those around him.

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Covering Mistakes with Lies

After seemingly recovering from his controversial attitude, again Professor X did the same thing in the comic X-Men: Deadly Genesis (2005-2006).

After briefly sending the X-Men to a mysterious island called Krakoa and causing the team to disappear, he tries to convince the senior X-Men to save him and succeeds.

X-Men Marvel Comics
X-Men Marvel Comics

However, in the end it was revealed that the team that was saved was not the first team to lose. Because previously he had sent another team whose all members died in Krakoa, where one of them was a Cyclops brother named Gabriel.

To make Cyclops forget this fact, Professor X uses his telepathy on Cyclops.

That’s it geeks, some of the X-Men’s decisions are considered controversial, even though some of them don’t have a direct impact on the whole story.

In your opinion, geeks, which of their decisions is considered the most controversial?

Thank You.

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